Robot Accessories

Eurobots offers accessories to facilitate robotic processes in each production line. contact us and get more information.

  Name Description
1 axis servocontrolled positioner - Expert - Indramat 1 axis servocontrolled positioner - Expert - Indramat

1 Axis horizontal positioner, 1000 kg  payload and 3 meters distance between head and tailstock - servocontrolled by Indramat.

Can be used with any type of robot. Suitable for welding purposes.

DH AG-160-95 DH AG-160-95

Electric Adaptative Gripper

DH AG-105-145 DH AG-105-145

Electric Adaptative gripper

DH PGC-140-50 DH PGC-140-50

Electric collaborative parallel gripper

DH PGC-300-60 DH PGC-300-60

Electric collaborative parallel gripper

DH PGE-2-12 DH PGE-2-12

Slim-type electric parallel gripper

DH RGI-35-30 DH RGI-35-30

Electric rotary gripper

DH RGI-100-30 DH RGI-100-30

Electric rotary gripper