Spotwelding robots

We offer fully operational spotwelding robots. A complete spotwelding robot comprises of:

  • Used high payload industrial robot such as KUKA KR150 or ABB IRB 6400, just to mention two typical robots commonly used for resistance welding.
  • Make Helu, Aro or Nimak water cooled pneumatic welding guns, incorporating in-built transformers with a power ranging from 50 to 90 Kva.

We can offer a wide range of different sizes and geometries of the welding guns

  • Bosch or Serra welding controller with specific Software included in order to control the parameters of the spotwelding process.
  • Hoses, fluids and energy kit, accessories,…

The complete robot would be fully tested prior to delivery at our warehouse in Bilbao.

Spotwelding robot
Spotwelding robot 2
Welding controller
Fluid package
Robot cabinet with welding controller
Robot cabinet with welding controller 2

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Spot welding robots offer efficiency, reach, speed, load capacity, and enhanced performance for welding parts.

  Product Id Status
Motoman ES165D Available
Motoman ES200D Available
Kawasaki BX200L Available
Kawasaki BX250L Available
Kawasaki BX300L Available


  Product Id Status
Motoman MS80W II Sold out
Robot hàn điểm Motoman MS80W (SW) Sold out
Motoman MS100 II Sold out
Motoman VS100 Sold out
Kawasaki CX110L Sold out
Kawasaki ZX130U Sold out
Kawasaki ZX130L Sold out
Kawasaki ZTE130U Sold out
Welding robot ES200RD II Motoman Sold out
Kawasaki CX165L Sold out
Kawasaki ZX165U Sold out
Kawasaki ZTE165U Sold out
Kawasaki BT200L Sold out
Kawasaki ZXE200S Sold out
Kawasaki ZTE200S Sold out
Motoman MS210 Sold out
Kawasaki CX210L Sold out
Fanuc R-2000iC/210L Sold out
Fanuc R-2000iA-210F with servocontrolled spotwelding gun on a 7th axis linear track Sold out
Fanuc R-2000ib-210F với động cơ servo Sold out
Fanuc R-2000iC/210F Sold out
Kawasaki ZXE300S Sold out